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Farewell High Heels: Sarah Jessica Parker shoes have revolutionized the world of fashion


Almost two decades have passed since the cult series “Sex and the City” began to show, and since then the trends have changed significantly. The high heels in which Carrie Bradshaw ran from the episodes in the streets of New York today seem to have been overcome.

Though sexy shoes will never go out of fashion, new times and fast pace of life have set comfort in front of an attractive look, so the legendary actress Sarah Jessica Parker has given up the heels she has been chattering for years.

The fashion icon is cought up in the perfect daily combination – black cotton midi dress, white linen shirt and black bag. She picked up her hair, but her sandals still attracted the most attention.

#SarahJessicaParker headed across the tarmac after alighting in the Hamptons on Thursday.

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Straight, with a belt different then the shoes a famous actress usually wears, also sends a clear message to girls around the globe.

August 1st. New York City. Rabbit Rabbit. X, Sj

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Leave the heels for some colder days, and enjoy the comfort. Your feet will be grateful.

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