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Only she can do this: Rihanna in slippers and sweat suit in a nightclub


Going to a nightclub for most girls starts much before they go out. Hours of getting ready, from planning the outfit to hair and make-up, in order to glitter in full shine. However, this is not true for the popular Rihanna. Paparazzi caught her entering the nightclub in cotton sweatshirts and slippers.

#Rihanna dün gece NYC 💜

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Rihanna New York'tan. #rihanna @badgalriri

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By the way, Riri presented her new collection for “Puma” on Fashion Week in New York while her creations was shown on a party after the show.

A vibrant pink tunic she combined with a sport top in a gentle blue color.

Beautiful #pumaxfanty #rihanna

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