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Quickly restored the line: Beyonce looks great, but one detail draws attention


The famous couple Beyonce and Jay Z took a break from parenting to enjoy the humanitarian Diamond Ball, which has been held by Rihanna for the third year in a row.

There were a number of well-known figures among the officials, and all the ladies did well for the toilets they wore that evening, for Beyonce it was a great challenge because she recently become mother.

The beautiful singer, however, glinted in the elegant emerald-green dress that highlighted her curve. With a deep spike revealing her whole leg, many American media wrote about her décolletage.

And while everyone admired her impeccable line, the singer had a small failure. She took care that her dress did not move, but one wrong step was enough to show what she obviously wanted to hide – a black corset with a lace and only one sock that was designed scpecially for this type of dress.

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