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Shirt that’s in fashion since 200 years ago and is still trendy


In 1858, it became part of the official French navy, and today almost everybody have one of them in the closet.

At that time, it had exactly 21 white stripes, each of which was 2 centimeters wide, as well as 29 blue strips of about a centimeter wide. It was created so that sailors could recognize themselves from other people, it was “stolen” by Koko Shanel in the early 1900s. She turned them into a timeless fashion piece, which is still in style today.

Throughout history, all the style icons weared them, and nothing has changed much now.

It is certain that at least once in your lifetime you owned this t-shirt, and you can find them always in all popular activities.

They are most popular at summer because there is still this navy “look”, and the advantage of this fashion classic is that it is easy to combine and break monotony. In addition to blue and white, they are also popular with black and white, as well as with red and white stripes, and they always carry a dose of French shade with them.

If you do not have one, it’s time to get it, because there will always be good situation for you to wear it.

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