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Style does not always mean money: Melania Tramp sophisticated in a shirt of 60 dollars


Since becoming the first lady, the public follows every step of Melania Tramp, especially because of her fashion editions that are being talked about for days.

She always looks better then all other present officials, many say it is expected, because she has millions of dollars at her disposal, and the public has not yet recovered from information that the jacket of Dolce Gabana’s fashion house, which a beautiful woman weared for visit of Sicily, cost an incredible $51,000.

Due to costly pieces of clothing, Melania is often targeted by criticism, but now the first lady has shown that you can look sophisticated in a shirt that costs only $60.

Melanie wore shirt with her skinny trousers and flat ballet in a matching color.

Media reports that the shirt is sold out in record time and can no longer be purchased.

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